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Arctic Gold Honey
by Steven Larocque

Steven Larocque owner operator of Arctic Gold Honey, based out of Thompson MB, produces 100% of the best Northern Manitoba unpasteurized raw honey from the Boreal Forest!


His culinary creations of honey are chemical and pesticide free. Production comes from Fire weed clover, golden rod and wild roses.  These flowers are part of the flowers that make Arctic Gold's "Wild flower honey"


Learning the bee process includes being educated and being an advocate for nature such as

reminding people of the importance of the dandelions for beehives to make the best Northern Manitoba unpasteurized raw honey. "Please do not spray them all our bee's in the brood need them in their purest form!" 

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Steven aspires to take the Arctic Gold Honey story to the world stage, and be known for his innovation in healthy honey advocacy.  Since running his business his greatest achievements have been his connection with Vale, Supermarkets and??  If you ever bump in to Steven be careful about his cheesy HONEY I shrunk the kids type jokes!


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At Artic Gold Honey, Steven Laroque finds a TrueNorth significance in teaching his community the importance of harvesting bees, caring for our community and sharing knowledge.  If you or a student group would like more information on they type of training you can acquire please fill out an inquiry sheet below.

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