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Art Gallery

Artisan Market

With this initiative, we invite local community artisans to come and represent their arts.  If you can somehow imagine Art Gallery fused with Farmers Market you'll visualize this concept!

Various Artists of many art forms  and cultures will rent a space to showcase their works for a contracted amount of time.  This gives our community artists a chance to get out in front of a public forum, and speak to the public about their work.  It also gives the public, a chance to see how many to  art forms we in the North have to offer.


From photography, painters, woodworkers, pottery, jewelry, leather bead works and many many more!  This part of the center will truly make you feel like you are walking down the "Mall of the Arts"

To learn more about our artists, click on their image below.

Sylvia Green


Armstrecel Tongol AKA Krista Newman

Cake Artist

Iskwew Kah

Wasteniket Wantipiskak

Felicia Lobster

Dancer, Teacher & Artisan

Short's Upcycling Studio

Unique Designed Furniture

Billy J Blacksmith


Artic Gold Honey

by Steven Larocque

Amanda Grieves


Andre Brandt Photography

D allen 2.JPG

Debra Allen

Purse Stitcher


Dr. Joseph Atoyebi

West African Talking Drum

D allen 2.JPG

Debra Allen

Purse Stitcher


Tristan Okemow

Digital Artist

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