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Tristan Okemow

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Digital Artist Tristan Okemow 

 AKA "Bag ol Bones" began creating art with traditional drawings - first learning from videos online to get started then once he felt confident, moved onto digital art!

"My dream with drawing is to eventually start animating and possibly make my own animated series someday"  His inspiration behind his works is to be an animator like some of the works he adores such as Gooseworx- "Seeing their animations, character drawings and music really pushed me into drawing".

His inspiration for drawing came from not seeing his favorite characters being drawn and represented by anyone, so he decided "why don't I draw it myself?

Previous roadblocks for Tristan has been getting the shapes right and finding ways to keep himself from being discouraged if he gets stuck on one problem for too long. His biggest roadblocks at the moment are drawing anatomy, coloring and shading.  Tristan aspires to work with other artists, engage in training and study new concepts in order to develop his love for art into digital animations - that have a great impact on viewers.

Tristan is the type of Artist that will be looking for Mentorship and sponsors in order to enhance his career and artistry.  For now you can contact him for small projects such as social media profile pics or fun letterhead creations.

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