It's the little things

So. Here I am. On my keyboard writing my very first Mall of The Arts blog post. When we started, we kept hearing the same phrase from our friends. This. Project. is. Big! Big things can be intimidating. But, I am a big girl, with a dark complexion. I've always been intimidating to people. My partner Shorty, is a stoic large man. He's always been intimidating to people! So I guess big wasn't scaring us. I knew we had to continue to think big, and start small. And that's all we did. I read books. I read blogs. I wrote and wrote. Then I emailed. Then I made phone calls. Then I went to meetings. And our story started to spread like fire. Before I knew it, I had a list of over 30 potential funders, a few of which I am quite sure we will get our start up costs from within the next few months. When I attended meetings, I never realized how much work I had done until

I started speaking. It's the little things!

Can I tell you about the Mall of The Arts Concept? It started as a thought. Shorty was doing his monthly scrap run, and seen this building and thought "I could see myself working out of there" His thought turned into a conversation with me. Our conversation turned into meetings with the City of Thompson. Our meetings with the city of thompson led us to other connections, and other organizations. It's the little things!

So, I'll tell you what I'd like to do from now on. Ask questions if you may. But I want to start documenting our prorgress from here on out. Sometimes it's those little things, those little conversations or those little thoughts, that turn into things large enough to change your whole community. But sometimes we don't even see it happening. It truly is, the little things!

I'm hoping this ends up being big like people keep saying. But right now, we are taking it one little step at a time, the only way it can ever be truly big is if a lot of little people come together. I think I would like to leave you with a little inspriational jingle that I fell in love with a while back, and this artist, actually saved my life. Click the link below and enjoy a little jingle!

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