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Hi awesome readers. I apologize it's been so long since I've written a post, but we have been busy, thinking!

Ready! Set! Wait..

We realized we are stuck in a rut, and though our idea of Mall of The Arts is a wonderful idea we need money. We have a dream building, and we have a dream team. We dream about you our readers excitedly making your way into our Art center on opening day, and returning once or twice because you had such a great time. But at this moment we have a list of about 40 potential grant and funding opportunities and they are all standing together at the start line saying to each other "You go first.."

So, we are going to try something, different. We are going to ask you for money. Our faithful reader, supporter and dreamer lol. You will see us on Indegogo or something. Honestly, it's going to be the community that builds this center. We are going to start a campaign, and pre-sell tickets to our wonderful center. This will encourage our funders to take that first step, knowing that you, our supporters are already waiting.

Please keep your eyes posted for our fundraising campaign. We already have a donation link on our site, that will go directly to the organization as it is right now. This will be a donation purely out of support from your heart. Or you can wait till we launch our "go fund me campaign", and this way you will actually be buying a ticket to attend our center once it opens! Tell your friends and family and get them to join!

This is going to happen.

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