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Jordy Poker Sketch Artist

Jordy Poker, aka Jordy Sixx project, is a sketch artist that grew up in Norway House, AB. Art brings him much enjoyment because it’s something he feels always came to him with ease, it’s always been a hobby and he’s always had fun doing it. Although school was fun… at times, Jordy found himself zoning out in certain subjects and would start doodling on the side of notebooks. He would often wake up early to enjoy the quiet time on his own, and would often surf the internet looking for videos or video games to pass the time. Sometimes he would start an art project or if he had one on the go he would just come back to it during this peaceful quiet time in the morning. One of his earliest memories was waking up early, and going to his brother’s room to hang out and draw while listening to music.

One thing that Jordy has learned about art is that it is another way to express your inner self. There are so many things he wants to do with art! Jordy aspires to start his own graphic design business where he can create his own original characters to tell stories through illustration and animation. Further, he’d use this business to design swag and clothing.


A favourite community event of Jordy’s that comes annually during the first week of August is treaty york boats Many people spend a fun-filled week there while enjoying a variety of events and opportunities for dancers, singers, etc. His biggest dream is to be an artist for the people that he has always looked up to, his favourite singers, actors, and designers. One of his biggest inspirations is Mike Shionda from Linkin Park who is a musician, artist, and has rituals of intertwining both visual and performance arts into his life and daily routine.

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