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THE ULTIMATE OIL-BASED PAINT PEN (24-PACK) FOR ROCK PAINTING: Pintar presents you with this amazing pack of 24 premium oil-based permanent Glass painting pens! These paint pens for rock painting come in 20 solid and concentrated pigment colors, so that you can create unique art and use them on your DIY and crafts projects for spectacular, head-turning results!

YOUR NEW FAVOURITE MARKERS FOR CANVAS: This waterproof oil paint pens of 24 PACK includes 20 5mm paint markers and 4 1mm Painting book.

* VIBRANT METALLIC PAINT PENS WITH LONG-LASTING COLORS: These ceramic glass Paint pens have rich bold and vibrant colors - Blue, Yellow, Pink, Green, Purple, Orange, Red, Brown, Amaranth Red, Fluorescent Yellow, Light Purple, Bright Red, Dark Cyan, Light Green, Light Blue, Deep Yellow, Black, White, Gold, and Silver.

Pintar Oli Based Paint Markers - 24 pack with 20 (5mm Tips)

SKU: 850016866332
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