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f you’ve always wanted to try your hand at still life oil painting, this comprehensive guide is the book for you! A complete introduction to oil painting for beginners, award-winning and professional artist, Estelle Day, will walk you through everything you need to know to be successful in small-scale oil painting. Accessible and unintimidating, Easy Steps to Oil Painting focuses on painting small canvases that are no bigger than a 5-inch square so you can worry less about composition and focus more on the actual subject! Learn key painting techniques through 10 step-by-step project tutorials and work with several different shapes, colors, and textures to grow your painting and layering skills! Easy-to-follow instructions, as well as “Trace-This-Linework” sketches, are also included, making this must-have guide a great starting point for beginning artists!

Easy Oil Painting - Beginner Tutorials For Small Still Life

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