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A complete beginner's guide to the exciting craft of rug tufting, this how-to resource will inspire you and show you everything you need to know about this creative and modern take on traditional rug making. Featuring extensive overviews on tools, materials, troubleshooting, how to build a tufting frame, and how to use a tufting gun, you'll then learn basic tufting techniques before you start making your own DIY rug! Perfect for beginners, three step-by-step tufting projects are provided that range in shape and style -- one of which includes author Kristen Girard's signature of making a unique mirror rug to accent any wall with texture and color! Also included are QR codes to access exclusive video tutorial content. 112 Pages

Beginner's Guide To Rug Tufting - Make One-Of-A-Kind Rugs!

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