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Armstrecel Tongol AKA Krista Newman
Cake Artist

Hello, my name is Armstrecel Tongol alias, Krista Newman. I am a cake artist, an entrepreneur, and a Medical Lab Assistant. I started baking when I was in high school, baking some sweets and selling them to my classmates. I enjoyed what I was doing and never stopped baking since then. 


I was born in the Philippines and migrated to Canada with my kids in 2017. I took a few basic courses for baking in the Philippines, however most of the designing is self-taught.  I paint too so designing and completing the cake is my favorite part. When there is something that I am not sure of I go online since everything is “google-able” now. I couldn’t get a job as a Medical Lab Assistant in Winnipeg, so I took a job at Baked Expectations as a cake decorator. I learned new skills while working there and took these skills with me when I moved to Thompson.

Since I am in the Medical Allied profession, being keen and systematic are two characteristics that exist in me.  I apply these characteristics in life and practice them all the time, be it on designing and decorating the cake which is my passion. I asked the clients for the picture of the cake they want and then I make them.


My family and clients inspire me to work harder. Knowing that they love my creations drives me to push through my goal. I was influenced by my brother who was into sketching and mechanical designs. I saw how involved he was in sketching. I told myself if he can, I can do better.


I am quite proud of and really enjoyed making the wedding cake with fresh flowers on top as well as the KFC bucket cake. The wedding cake I did for my friend’s wedding a few years back was another I’m proud of, I heard the guests talk about the design and taste of the cake. They even asked who did it. The KFC bucket was challenging to make but it was finished well, the client loved it and gave me a big tip. 


I think it is every baker’s goal to have her own bakery. That’s my future goal, to build my own cakeshop in Thompson where I can showcase my designs and people can come to view and order cakes for every occasion.


Remember this: When you love what you do, regardless of the income, you will never get tired of doing it. If you have the passion and drive to do the work you will surely achieve your goal.

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