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Debra Allen Unique purses by D

Debra Allen, started making the special purses coined “Unique purses by D” in 2019.  It was a dream that she wanted to pursue since she was a little girl, and in that year she decided it was time to start her own business. “I am Métis.  My purses represent my home, my heritage, and my own uniqueness”  And as it is, she stands proud by her creations.

“I have always loved purses and throughout my life I was proud of myself when I completed my first purse!  I still use the very first pattern I designed and continue to keep improving on it. You look at the created piece and decide what may be added or taken away”  Born and raised in Thompson Manitoba she attended Deerwood elementary school where she took grade 7 and 8 home economics training.  In high school she would attend RD parker where she would continue to practice and learn on her own time, teaching herself to sew and craft purses.  From there, she learned to follow purse patterns and watch YouTube videos for continued learning and practice.  I have not taught anyone else as I’m still learning myself.  But I will lend what knowledge I have to help anyone out.  I would advise people to start with the basics.  Google and YouTube are great tools to use. 

Debra prides herself in not having followed any special mentors or major influences.  “Everything you see is me” The only piece of advice she remembers is her friend telling her that her stitch ripper will become her new best friend and it has!

Throughout the years Debra continues to draw from the inspirations around her to complete her creations including her husband.   “My husband, Stephen is my biggest supporter and fan.  He has been with me throughout this adventure.”

Speaking of inspirations around her, she has an uncanny love for making purses out of Aurora Borealis Fabric.  “This represents The North, my home and my heritage”  Also special to her are the love of the “The Feather” and Navaho prints.

With these inspirations in mind she strives to be fashion forward and think outside of the box. “My designs are a mixture of cotton fabric and vinyl.  I like the different textures of each.  I have designed, purchased patterns, and made purses from YouTube videos.” 

I work with different colourful cotton fabric and vinyl.  Now I’m hoping to move on leather as it will become a new part of my development.  


As each purse is made there is a lining which has a cotton poly blend and interfacing to help make the cotton fabric more durable.  Some purses are made of a fleece cotton on the inside and this gives them a softer feeling.   

Having a fabric supply shop in Thompson has made things easier to acquire her supplies and what you can’t get here, you order from online vendors. 


“My future dreams is to open an on-line shop and manufacture purses here in Thompson.  The north has many different artists, from traditional bead work, to moccasins.  As a group of people we are diverse”  And it is this type of mentality that will keep her purses “Unique purses by D”.

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